What is Cyberus Key?

Cyberus Key eliminates passwords to maximise security.

With our one-touch, universal, ultra-secure user authentication system, your users will never have to input a password and they can rest assured their credentials can NEVER be stolen again.

Connect your business with Cyberus Key to maximise security

Start your 30 day free trial of Cyberus Key now for the ultimate protection for your users, data and systems.

Why Cyberus Key?

Cyberus Key guarantees the highest level of protection for your customers.
  • No more passwords means your customers’ credentials can never be stolen

  • Exceptional user-experience that works through their Smartphone

  • Simple one-click login

  • Ultra secure protection for your users, their devices and data

How to integrate?

Following these 4 steps

  • Embed the "Login with Cyberus Key" widget on your login site

  • Create a redirection to your site

  • Associate users by email or UID

  • Your users are authenticated with Cyberys Key!

Complies with Oauth2/OpenID standards

Our solution leverages OAuth - an open standard for secure access delegation, and permit users to share their own select pieces of information with third-party websites while protecting the confidential info of users at the same time.
OpenID Connect (OIDC) - a thin layer that sits on top of OAuth 2.0 that adds login and profile information about the person who is logged in

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