6. Android SDK integration

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1. General recommendations

Before implementing your own implementation of the Cyberus Key mobile application, it’s recommended that you try our demo Android app:

2. Using an Android library from GitHub Packages

In the root of the project add an empty file named „github.properties” and paste the following lines (make sure you add this file to .gitignore to keep the token private):

gpr.usr=<will be given upon signed contract>
gpr.key=<will be given upon signed contract>

Please add the following code to build.gradle inside the app module that will be using the CyberusKey library:

def githubProperties = new Properties()
githubProperties.load(new FileInputStream(rootProject.file("github.properties")))

android {
   repositories {
       maven {
         name = "GitHubPackages"
           url = uri("https://maven.pkg.github.com/mobile-sdk/CK-Android")
           credentials {
               username = githubProperties['gpr.usr']
               password = githubProperties['gpr.key']

Inside dependencies of the build.gradle of app module, use the following code

dependencies {
   implementation 'com.cyberuslabs.cyberuskey:CyberusKeySDK:1.0.4'

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