1. High-level authentication flow

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The authetication flow

  1. A randomly generated one-time token is pushed from the Cyberus Key Authentication server to a device, which emits the one-time ultrasonic message.
  2. The nearby recipient device picks up the ultrasonic communication and uses a patented algorithm to extract the one-time token.
  3. The one-time token is sent back to the Authentication server, along with identifying information about the receiving device, further validating the security of the communication.
  4. The Authentication server confirms both sides of the transaction are authentic, protecting your company as well as your customers. The server then sends confirmation that the transaction can proceed.
  5. With the devices authenticated and linked, a secure communication channel is opened allowing the exchange of identity, payment or any other information.

At its core, the login process is based on a one-time transaction token which means no ‘actionable’ login credentials (user IDs or passwords) are used/stored anywhere or during the authentication cycle and thereby there are no credentials of any value for hackers to steal. 

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