1. Overview

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Cyberus Key login flow is based on the well-known OpenID Connect protocol, so it’s easy to integrate, especially if your technology supports OpenID (or OAuth 2) out of the box.

The OpenID flow consists of two requests. The first one authorizes a user and the second one (called a Token Request) authorizes you as a client. Details of the entire flow can be found in the diagram below.

Available integrations

You can use one of our provided libraries or, if your system supports the OpenID Connect/OAuth 2 protocol, then it’s just a matter of configuration (see the Grafana example).
Normally, you will have a web application front-end and a web server back-end. On front-end you need to install the Cyberus Key Widget, which starts the login process and leads to user authorization. On the back-end, you need to accept HTTP requests.

Front End

Back End

One minute OAuth integrations


Cyberus Key API

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