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Cyberus Key webinar

Securely authenticate your users with Cyberus Key sonic token

Cyberus Key solves one of the biggest problems of any online-based human activity – the risk of stolen credentials. We offer a one-touch, 2-factor authentication system for user identification and transaction confirmation.

Cyberus Key’s multi-layer, smartphone-based authentication platform offers password-free login that enables businesses and online users to conduct streamlined yet highly secure web-based transactions.

  • A one-touch authentication system for user identification.
  • Build-in second factor authentication.
  • Smartphone-based authentication platform for password-free login.


Date: February 22nd, 2024, 11.00 a.m. EAT

  • Introduction to the CK Multi-factor User Authentication Platform
  • Features of the revolutionary password-less system
  • Use cases for Banking, Fin-Tech, e-Commerce, and other industries
  • Advantages of the login and transaction confirmation
  • Q&A Session

Registration ends on February 21st at 17.00 EAT

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